Tiger and Economy

The Cliffs at High Carolina stands by Tiger Woods
Update: from the Wall Street Journal From the Article:
Tiger Woods at the Cliff at High Carolina
ASHEVILLE, N.C.—Golf-resort developer Jim Anthony seemed to have pulled off a major coup by signing Tiger Woods to design the superstar’s first U.S. course at a 3,200-acre community in the high meadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Since that deal in 2007, the value of the Tiger Woods name looks a bit more questionable in the wake of claims about his alleged infidelities that have destroyed his wholesome image. The development near Asheville, named the Cliffs at High Carolina, has been confronted by the same dilemma faced by dozens of companies that paid Mr. Woods enormous amounts to endorse their products: maintain the ties with the Tiger brand or cut him loose.
“I’m sure the Cliffs will probably change their marketing focus now,” said Nancy Thompson, a real-estate broker who has lived in Asheville for 15 years.
So far, the Cliffs is standing by Mr. Woods even as sponsors including Accenture Ltd. and AT&T Inc. have distanced themselves from the golfer.
“We’re as committed as ever to High Carolina and the Tiger Woods golf course,” Mr. Anthony said in a recent interview. “The reasons we chose Tiger are still true: his dedication to golf and he is the greatest golfer in the world.”
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