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Village Antiques at Biltmore is in Pursuit of the Unique

Stepping into the large two-story building that is Village Antiques at Biltmore, the curious and familiar alike are always in for a surprise. The showcase floors are filled wall-to-wall with wondrous items that tell the stories of both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, from the southeast United States to the south of France. “It’s really… Read more »

Rediscover Community at Southern Porch Kitchen & Drink

Ten years ago, the downtown corridor of Canton was relatively desolate: Abandoned building after abandoned building. Empty parking lots. Folks only passing through town in search of a gas station on the way to somewhere else. But, in an effort to save the downtown district, a handful of businesses have recently popped up. Two of… Read more »

Waynesville Soda Jerks has Perfected the Art of Alcohol Free

A little over five years ago, Megan Brown and Chris Allen saw a need in the gigantic craft beer industry that dominates Asheville and greater Western North Carolina: an alternative. “There’s a lot of people that can’t or don’t want to drink alcohol, but they do want to consume a locally made craft beverage,” Brown… Read more »

Nantahala Brewing’s Eastward Expansion is Just the First Step

Bryson City-based Nantahala Brewing recently launched outposts in both Sylva and West Asheville. “Our recent retail expansion to Sylva and this expansion into Asheville are a direct result of refocusing on what got us to where we are today,” said Nantahala Brewing co-owner Joe Rowland. “We see our outposts as a way to share the… Read more »

Asheville Museum of Science Sparks the Minds of Tomorrow

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the heart of Downtown Asheville resides the Asheville Museum of Science. Opened in November 2016, AMOS has become a hub for science and learning in Western North Carolina. “We are much bigger than these four walls,” said Amanda Bryant, executive director of AMOS. “As a museum,… Read more »

Transylvania Crossroads Meet at Ecusta Brewing

The intersection of U.S. 276 and U.S. 64 in the mountain town of Brevard is a bustling hub for local, commercial, and tourism traffic. Heading west on U.S. 64, you enter Brevard, a place of independent businesses, academic institutions, small cafes, and farm-to-table restaurants. If you head north on U.S. 276, the Pisgah National Forest… Read more »

Blossoms at Biltmore Park Offers a Smile for Any Occasion

Regardless of being happy or sad, celebrating a special day, or simply just because, receiving a flower or merely being in its presence conjures one timeless image: A smile. “There’s no way you can make flowers without a smile on your face. They’re just magical creatures,” said Adrienne Kort. “They’re beautiful, fragrant, and they match… Read more »

Baked Pie Company Proves that if Nothing is Ventured, Nothing is Gained

It was while attending a wedding a decade ago that Kirsten Fuchs decided to completely change her life. “I was sitting at a table next to this doctor,” Fuchs said. “He said to me, ‘If you ever get a chance when you turn 50 to change your career, do it.’ And he told me about… Read more »

Across the World, Around the Corner: London District Studios

It’s from their fingertips to the walls and floors of your home. “We envisioned a neighborhood-based business with a focus on community and lifestyle-driven offerings of furnishings and fine relevant art with a global relevance,” said Leslie Rowland. “We’re somewhat deceiving, as we have a funky neighborhood store, yet we both play on the global… Read more »

The Swag Country Inn Sits above Everyday Distractions

Heading up Hemphill Road, just outside Maggie Valley, the lush fields and bungalow homes of Jonathan Creek fade in the rearview mirror. I pull up to a large metal gate and soon find myself meandering along a dirt road, pushing ever so carefully toward the top of the 5,000-foot ridge. At the end of the… Read more »