Outstanding Relationships are at the Heart of our Commercial Division

Outstanding relationships form the heart of our commercial division.

Businesses are only as good as the people at the heart of the enterprise. In the case of commercial real estate, the importance of talented and dedicated people rises exponentially. That’s why at NAI Beverly-Hanks, we take great strides to develop, inspire, and retain the top talent in the business.

Commercial real estate (CRE) in Western North Carolina has been making waves for several quarters. But whether markets are moving up, down, or sideways, our drive to develop great agents never ends.

Outstanding relationships form the heart of our commercial division. Here are some of the key elements we have honed through our employee strategy.

Understanding Our Agents’ Motivations and Needs

The NAI Beverly-Hanks team is among the best in the business, so we strive to be the best employers we can be. Consequently, we continuously assess the satisfaction levels, and therefore motivation levels, of our agents. In short, we focus on our agents’ needs so they can spend more time completely aligned with their clients’ needs. More often than not, it pays to be direct. By demonstrating our interest, we show our passion for maintaining a team of happy, market- and client-focused brokers.

Being Flexible

We’ve seen that employee satisfaction can be supercharged by accommodation. Our built-in focus on a great work/life balance allows all our agents greater flexibility in working at a pace and in a space that suits their needs. With today’s technologies and 24/7/365 access by smartphone, tablet, or internet, commercial agents get business done wherever they need. So, flexibility and a focus on client needs become powerful tools that our CRE agents use to grow their business.

Providing Tools, Training, and Mentoring

Whether it’s a brand new agent or one of our seasoned veterans, we work hard to provide our team with the best tools and training in the business. One of our favorite tools is two-way mentoring, which allows more established agents to share market, relationship, and negotiation strategies with newer team members. They, in return, share their unique perspectives on social media and the technology revolutionizing CRE. Consequently, we make sure our people are well wired with access to the right data and the latest devices and applications.

Never Stopping

For NAI Beverly-Hanks, agent development and retention are an always-on, never-off commitment. Talent is the lifeblood of our firm, and we don’t take that for granted. We work relentlessly to keep our best people focused on their clients’ needs. But at the same time, we also recognize that the best broker in our firm’s history may still be on the horizon. So for us, in markets good, bad, or in-between, the focus on talent is never ending.

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