12+ Fantastic Asheville Coworking Spaces if You're Tired of WFH Life

Learn more about the purpose and structure of coworking spaces below, as well as where to find coworking spaces in Asheville, NC.

Gone are the days of internet cafes, where burgeoning screenwriters would sit for hours deliberating over their craft. While the tradition of typing lazily over a mocha latte on a Tuesday afternoon has endured for many at local coffee shops, this year, those days seem doomed to the past, as well. Instead, serious microenterprise owners and aspiring freelance creatives have found a new venue in which to effectively grow their businesses: coworking spaces.

Learn more about the purpose and structure of coworking spaces below, as well as where to find coworking spaces in Asheville, NC.

What are Coworking Spaces?

Unless you are in need of such a location, you may be somewhat unfamiliar with the purpose behind coworking spaces. Imagine you’re a professional grant writer who isn’t tied to one specific nonprofit. Or you’re a podcaster who needs a neutral, quiet space to interview guests for your show. Or you have an at-home website development business, but you need somewhere to meet potential clients with at-home companies of their own. For entrepreneurs in situations like these, it’s uneconomical to lease your own 2,000-square-foot office space, but it’s also a burden to steal free wifi every day from Atlanta Bread’s overtaxed connection.

Coworking spaces fill the gap between working freelance or independently from home and working full time in an office you lease on your own.

And that’s not all they do. Coworking spaces, where you can often rent a desk by the month or a conference room by the hour, offer wonderful opportunities for collaboration and resource sharing. Internet connections are reliable, coffee consumption is optimal, and deskmates could work on wildly different projects from one another. Some spaces even focus on niche fields, like web development or visual art, and offer additional relevant equipment or resources with their memberships. Others offer regular business workshops to their members and the community.

12+ Coworking Spaces in Asheville, NC

Locally, Asheville coworking spaces serve a vital role to the region’s many small business owners. Coworking spaces have been growing quietly, but steadily over the last few years. Today, we have a baker’s dozen coworking spaces currently in operation within city limits.

If you think your microenterprise would benefit from a reliable work space, check out these coworking facilities in Asheville:

Base Camp AVL

This co-office space and small business habitat is within a 5–10 minute walk of downtown’s many dining and professional amenities. Dedicated parking offers convenience, and an outdoor patio is great for enjoying our mountain air. 

56 Ravenscroft Drive, Asheville | basecampavl.org

The Collider

The Collider is Asheville’s hub for mission-driven solutions for climate change. To boost your environmental entrepreneurship, visit the top floor of the Wells Fargo building. Their office offers super-speedy wifi (1 GB/second) and membership includes a 60” desk and ergonomic chair.

1 Haywood Street, Suite 401, Asheville | (828) CLIMATE | thecollider.org

Cowork at Center for Craft

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, maker, artist, designer, scholar, or student, the Hive offers creative space that will inspire your most meaningful work. Their public and private workspaces include a reading lounge, classroom spaces, a kitchenette, a coffee lounge, and phone booths.

67 Broadway Street, Asheville | (828) 785-1357 | craftcreativitydesign.org

Flat Iron Writers Room

Enjoy a writer’s retreat close to home. Located just off Haywood Road in West Asheville, Flat Iron Writers Room offers a common coworking space, discounts on classes and workshops, free parking, a screenplay and writing craft book library, and social events.

5 Covington Street, Asheville | flatironwritersroom.com 

Focal Point Coworking

Focal Point’s full-service office environment offers collaborative spaces to meet and network with others, as well as professional development workshops from experts in the field. Their flexible terms benefit part-time and full-time businesses on any budget.

125 S Lexington Avenue #101, Asheville | (828) 407-0357 | focalpointcowork.com 


Get into GRIND mode! This brand new venue combines the best of coffee, business, and comfort to create the ultimate community gathering place. While the decor reflects local African American business owners from as far back as 1835, the energy is distinctly modern, promoting productivity, wellness, and comfort.

346 Depot Street, Asheville | grindavl.com

Hatchworks Coworking

This inspiring downtown space shares a building with the Hatch Foundation, Little Bee Thai, and Hopey Co. Grocery. Take advantage of their safe seating, well-equipped conference rooms, and in-building coffee shop. Memberships range from day passes to full-time private offices.

45 S French Broad Avenue, Suite 170, Asheville | hatchcoworking.com 

Haw Creek Commons

Haw Creek Commons is a community incubator for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and artists alike. Their open coworking space encourages shared use of materials, ideas, and resources. A shared-use commercial kitchen is also capable of holding up to four different catering teams.

315 Old Haw Creek Road, Asheville | hawcreekcommons.com/coworking 

Mojo Coworking

Ideas move quickly. Asheville’s original coworking space is an open workspace designed for smart, creative, entrepreneurial people to work, connect, and collaborate in a professional environment. Membership can include everything from a flex pass to a downtown mailbox.

60 N Market Street, Asheville | (828) 398-1840 | mojocoworking.com

The Purpose Collective

This North Asheville coworking space off Merrimon Avenue in the Stone Ridge Shopping Center offers private offices, flex desks, cubbies, and meeting rooms. Members have access to exclusive events and happenings, as well as all office amenities.

101 Stone Ridge Boulevard, Asheville | (828) 214-7897 | thepurposecollective.org 

The RAMP (River Arts Maker Place)

RAMP offers private artist studios, studio maker space, and a larger area for fabricators, outdoor retailers, a dance academy, and a brewery—all within a stone’s throw of the French Broad River. It also has a room dedicated to hosting gallery space. Spaces are available from 300–1,300 square feet.

Riverside Drive, Asheville | (828) 548-0090 | therampstudios.com 

Refinery Creative Space

The Refinery Creator Space is the arts council’s location in the South Slope Innovation District. Broken up into several spaces of different sizes, the 15,000-square-foot building features 10+ individual artist studios, 4–5 cooperative rooms, an event area, gallery, kitchenette, and resource library.

207 Coxe Avenue, Asheville | ashevillearts.com

WestBase Coworking

Located in the Beacham’s Curve area of West Asheville, this is not your average coworking spot. WestBase offers everything you need to ensure you are comfortable, productive, and happy. Enjoy free parking, coffee, local craft beer on tap, high speed fiber internet, and a living wall.

257 Haywood Road, Unit 201, Asheville | (828) 712-5712 | westbasecoworking.com 

Have you tried one of these coworking spaces in Asheville? Tell us about your experience in the comments!