Community Gardens Support Food Security and Sustainability in Asheville

Western North Carolina is known for its deep agricultural roots and award-winning farm-to-table dining. Now, Asheville residents are finding opportunities to grow both food and community in their own neighborhoods through urban gardens. These small plots of land are collectively cared for by members of the surrounding community and reap huge harvests in more ways than one.
“Growing food where we live is hugely empowering, and it helps to create resilient communities. It brings about food security, but also, community gardens help to bring the community together,” said said Nicole Hinebaugh, Project Manager of Bountiful Cities, an Asheville-based urban agriculture nonprofit.
Community gardens bring sacred green spaces into our streetscapes, qualities which are currently highly sought after by urban residents, especially millennials. They encourage social interaction, recreation, therapy, and education—and are just one of the many ways to Live the Life You Choose in Western North Carolina.
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